Weaving Drawing - "Lily"

Spring 2011
I tried to evenly blend the two pictures together by leaving the focal point on the flower and my face clear to see.


Scratch Drawing - "Fierce"

Spring 2011
I purposely made the scribbles loose to add texture to the tigers fur. Also, I hoped to bring a cool feeling to show the tigers emotion in this picture.


Art Team Painting - "Nyx"

Spring 2011
As I painted, I tried to add darker colors in this painting to give off a cold, dark emotion which is presented above.


Scribble Drawing- "Emma"

Fall 2010
This drawing shows the deep focus of a young girl- my younger sister at age 2.


Sample Watercolor Painting- "Courage"

Fall 2010
This painting shows the courage to stand up and strive for importance.


Acrylic-over-Newspaper Painting- "Life"

Fall 2010
This painting depicts the daily life and emotion the average person.


Watercolor- "The Lion and the Lamb"

Fall 2010
This painting explains true love and friendship.


Pencil Drawing- "Curiosity"

Fall 2010
This picture shows the curiosity and desire for answers.


Hallway Drawing-"Point of No Return"

Winter 2010
This picture shows doors leading to somewhere beyond this world.


Colored Pencil Drawing- "A Perfect World"

Winter 2011
A warm, fresh feeling that's indescribable shows an image of a perfect world.


Colored Pencil Drawing- "Anceint Dreams"

Winter 2011
This colored pencil drawing shows an image and feeling of a girl looking for the dreams she once had.


Still Life Pencil Drawing- "Confusion"

Winter 2011

This drawing is a simple still life of a scene with random objects. The half-statue of the creature adds
a lot of confusion when you're looking at peaceful things like fruit, vases and blankets.


Oil Pastel Emotion Drawing- "Embarrassment"

Spring 2011

In this drawing, I tried to make clear the emotion that I had chosen to draw for.
The random flowers, vines and swirls add to the surprise of the girl's hiding face.


Charcoal Still Life- "Shadows"

Winter 2011

What I tried to show in this quick still life of random shapes was the value and shading of the objects and where
the light was coming from. The objects were surrounded by a blanket, so I tried to show the folds and waves in it.


Carved Rubber Stamp- "Eiffel Tower"

Spring 2011

The theme for this project was 'Live Life', so I wanted to add excitement and a place in which I would like
to live my life. I chose the Eiffel tower because my dream is to go to France and see all the monuments and art.
I thought the swirls and waves would add more 'life' to the stamp.