Watercolor - "Brenna"

Winter 2011

I really enjoy painting with watercolor and I wanted to challenge myself with a more difficult picture. I took a photo of my friend Brenna playing the violin, and I thought it would be appropriate to put a song in the background so you could almost hear her playing. Canon in D is the name of the song, which is my favorite song on violin. I am happy with the result of this painting.


Pen Drawing- "Dream"

Fall 2011

I really enjoy drawing faces and people, and I thought this one had a lot of feeling and motion. I tried to add a variety of values while using the pen. I tried to make the strands of hair flow as much as possible in the places it's shown. It took a lot of effort into the scribbles and also used up a few pens, but in the end it turned out alright.


Acrylic Painting- "Rainy Nights"

Winter 2011-2012

I found this picture and I really liked the impressionist style. I also added the Eiffel Tower in the background because it is my dream to go there. The colors in this turned out just how I wanted, with the warm and cool colors balanced throughout the piece. I also feel that this painting represents a lot of my personality.


Family Portrait- "The Malliet's"

Winter 2011

I drew this portrait for a family friend as a Christmas gift to their grandparents. It is one of the few that I have sold so far. I tried to add as much detail as I could in their faces and clothing without going over the top.


Ink Drawing - "Intensive"

Fall 2011

I drew this picture because I thought it showed a lot of emotion. I also really liked the way the girl in the picture was positioned because it shows a lot of strength and confidence. The ink I used was from a Sharpie pen and marker. I made sure to include the same texture of scribbles throughout the piece.



Watercolor- "Forest Dance"

Winter/Spring 2012

These two paintings fit together as a way of dance and worship. Dance and worship fit into my theme of emotion this semester by connecting the two pieces together creating more of a story. I wanted the colors and texture to give off a calming, relaxing effect.


Watercolor- "Azure"

Spring 2012

I painted this picture because it was something different than what I normally do. I'm happy with the way the watercolors blended together and don't look so precise. My main focus on this piece was to create a cool, sort of abstract look.


Charcoal- "Blake Lively

Spring 2012

This is just one of my freehand sketches that I did on my own time. I really liked the way the shading turned out. I wanted to make this portrait look as realistic as I could so I focused on the details such as in her eyes, nose, mouth and neck.


Pencil Sketch- "Surprise"

Winter 2011

This is just another sketch that I did on my own. I wanted to draw a baby because it's something I've never really done before. I think babies are so cute, and are always so happy. There's nothing very significant about this drawing other than just an experiment.


Pencil Drawing- "Peace"

Winter 2011

I drew this photo because I loved the girl's eyes. Her expression is so peaceful and content. I drew this freehand and I'm pleased with the outcome. I also really like the asymmetrical aspect of this picture.