Mosaic Project - "Green"

What I really wanted for this project was to get some use out of it. So what I did was I brought in an old jewelry box I had in my bedroom and decided to make it match the color theme I have. I really did enjoy it and I tried to make the edges and grout as smooth as I could.


Spiral Rug - "Piece of Rug"

What I tried to do for this project was to match the colors with my kitchen. I tried making it as flat as I could, but I was a little disappointed in how the variation of knots and braiding turned out.


Rope Bowl - "Autumn"

I enjoyed making this bowl because the colors I used look so calming and pleasant. I was also glad with the smooth turnout of the project in all.


Fabric Bag - "Spring Field"

This project I especially enjoyed because the color theme was unique and pleasant to look at. I am very pleased with the outcome.


Beaded Wire Necklace - "String-O-Beads"

I really enjoyed this project because I am big into detail and intricate work. The colors I thought complimented each other very well.


Independent Work

Beaded Wire Cuff Bracelet - "Summer Sun"

I'd made this a while ago, but I was really inspired by a book that I had on wire jewelry. It is a fairly simple design that looks and is very unique.